By Mike Leone        


May 14, 2023               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


(Erie, PA)...The Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Dirt Late Model Series presented by Born2Run Lubricants opened the 2023 season at Eriez Speedway on a chilly Sunday evening in the first of two appearances for the Flynn's Tire Touring Series at the northwest Pennsylvania dirt track owned by the Alexander Family.  A solid field of 37 cars turned out for the Mother's Day special with six new cars that didn't compete on Saturday at Stateline bringing the two-night car count total to 48 competitors. 


Last September 23-24 at Genesee Speedway, Jeremy Wonderling swept the weekend for more than $6,000 during his four-race Flynn's Tire Touring Series win streak.  On Sunday night, Wonderling capped off another $6,000+ weekend sweep leading from green-to-checkered for his first career Touring Series victory at Eriez, which came one night after his fourth "Bill Law Memorial" win in six tries at Stateline Speedway. 


"This is definitely a big turnaround from the beginning of the year," expressed the 42-year-old Wellsville, New York winner.   "I struggled pretty bad in Delaware but we seem to have this thing on kill right now.  The race track was on the bottom.  I can't say the lapped cars were doing anything wrong and you try to be as patient as you can.  If Scooter (David Pangrazio) got beside me I was going to have to start shoving them (lapped cars) around a bit.  A big shout-out to Close Racing Supply and Jim Stevens from Penske Shocks, who help me out a ton.  I have to thank Dennis Cummings, all of my sponsors, crew, family, and everyone that comes and does this with me along with the fans for coming out to support us."


After 30 non-stop laps the night before at Stateline, Sunday's only caution in the feature came when sixth starting Brock Pinkerous spun on the opening lap.  Fifth starting Mike Wonderling had advanced to third on lap one, while Jason Genco was up two spots into the top five.  Genco then was able to get past Chub Frank on the restart for fourth. 


With the laps ticking off caution-free, Jeremy Wonderling had built up a five-car length lead on David Pangrazio once he caught the back of the pack on lap 12.  Wonderling did a great job maneuvering through traffic as he stretched out his lead on lap 17.  Wonderling had more than a straightaway advantage when he caught a three-car battle in front of him on lap 27; meanwhile, Pangrazio had his hands full with Jeremy's brother Mike in the battle for second.


Jeremy Wonderling was able to extend his lead in the closing laps as he took the checkered flag first by 4.041 seconds for his 16th career Flynn's Tire Touring Series victory in his Terry Prince Contracting/Close Racing Supply/Cummings Trucking/Shuttleworth Sales/Penske Shocks by JDS/Swift Springs-sponsored #3J.


Pangrazio's runner-up was his career best Touring Series effort and earned $1,500.  Pangrazio has competed in Touring Series events over the past seven years with a pair of third place finishes as his prior best finishes.  "It was definitely locked down on the bottom and we got stuck in lapped traffic," explained the 24-year-old Elba, NY racer.  "I had a lot of  fun though.  We had a first yesterday (Genesee) and a second today- I'll take it.  I have to thank my mom and dad, girlfriend, and sister along with Martin Dynamics, who helped me tonight and I think it helped us a ton.  I also have to thank all my sponsors and everyone that helps me get here."


Mike Wonderling was third and joined his brother Jeremy on the podium on the same night for the first time ever in Flynn's Tire Touring Series competition.  It was Mike's second podium finish of the year after a career best second on April 15 at Winchester (VA) Speedway.  After finishing third in the prior four Touring Series events he had competed in, Genco missed the podium by one spot in fourth.  It was also Genco's seventh top four finish in the last eight Tour events over the past two years.  Frank was fifth. 


Chad Homan made his first Tour start of the season and was sixth to earn a spoiler kit from Ontime Body & Graphic.  Billy Henry, Jr. went 10th to seventh.  For the second straight night, Breyton Santee earned the $50 Precise Racing Products "Pedal Down" Hard Charger gift card by using the outside to advance forward.  On Saturday night, Santee advanced 10 spots, while on Sunday he was +9 going 17th to eighth.  Andy Boozel was ninth as 15th starting Shane Crotty completed the top 10 after failing to qualify for the feature on Saturday night.       


Steve Houser ended the night by capturing a popular win in the eight-lap D&V Jewelers "Wheelman" Non-Qualifier.  The $200 victory was Houser's first of any kind in his racing career as he led the entire caution-free race.  The 43-year-old Westfield, New York driver of the Basil of Fredonia/Barcelona Market/Houser Hauling-sponsored #33z became the amazing 67th different winner in 81 races run all-time.  Gary Youngs was 1.181 seconds back in second for his best finish.  Jacob Peterson went fifth to third.  Steve Blodgett was fourth in his first career Tour start.  Tour regular Marc Berzowski was fifth and takes over the "Wheelman" points lead.


Brock Pinkerous earned his first career FK Rod Ends "Shock the Clock" honors setting fast time overall against the 37-car field in qualifying with a lap of 16.748 to earn $100.  Picking up $25 FK Rod Ends heat race victories were Pinkerous, Mike Wonderling, Jeremy Wonderling, and Pangrazio.  Kurt Stebbins and Khole Wanzer won the last chance B mains.  Jeremy Wonderling became the sixth different Sunoco Dash winner in six events this season to earn a $100 Sunoco fuel card.  Also winning $100 Sunoco fuel cards through random drawings were Tour racers Cody Dawson and Chad Sines, while $50 Sunoco fuel cards went to Kassandra Norman, David Parker, Pangrazio, and Santee.


Mechanical issues for Joe Martin prior to the green flag in the feature resulted in an early exit from the event as he was chosen as the TBM Brakes "Tough Brake of the Night" recipient for the second time this season.  Big-Block Modified standout, Demetrios Drellos, made his third Tour start of the season and missed the feature by one spot earning him a $100 Performance Bodies gift card for the "Nosed Out" contingency. 


The Flynn’s Tire Touring Series will return to action for three events over Memorial Day weekend with Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, NY on Friday (May 26) for the "Gary Montgomery Memorial", Saturday (May 27) at Genesee Speedway in Batavia, NY, and Sunday (May 28) at Bradford (PA) Speedway.  All three events will pay $3,000 to-win.


Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Late Model Flynn’s Tire Touring Series Race #6 (30 laps, $3,000 to-win): 1. JEREMY WONDERLING (3J)  2. David Pangrazio (136)  3. Mike Wonderling (18)  4. Jason Genco (Craig/Badgley 29J)  5. Chub Frank (1*)  6. Chad Homan (91)  7. Billy Henry, Jr. (21*)  8. Breyton Santee (9)  9. Andy Boozel (Briggs 12B)  10. Shane Crotty (Briggs 4)  11. Brandt Graham (14)  12. Logan Jaquay (Briggs 99*)  13. Andy Michael (17x)  14. Chad Sines (15)  15. Colby Beighey (36)  16. Matt Sipes (25)  17. Craig Graham (98)  18. Kurt Stebbins (26)  19. Ashton Briggs (11A)  20. Brock Pinkerous (555)  21. Jim Rasey (Wrightsman 21J)  22. Cody Dawson (36)  23. Scott Gurdak (5G)  24. Khole Wanzer (01W)  25. Joe Martin (Snyder 10s).  (Note: Jim Rasey took a Tour provisional) 


D&V Jewelers Non-Qualifier (8 laps, $200 to-win): 1. Steve Houser (33z)  2. Gary Youngs (y26)  3. Jacob Peterson (112)  4. Steve Blodgett (23GB)  5. Marc Berzowski (25M)  6. Kassandra Norman (6)  7. Al Bull (19).  DNS: Demetrios Drellos (111), Austin Hauser (51), Charles Houser (15), Mason Jaquay (Briggs 17), David Parker (2).


Car Count: 37

Feature Margin of Victory: 4.298 seconds
Feature Lap Leaders: Jeremy Wonderling (11-30)

Ontime Body & Graphic “Spoiler Alert” Spoiler Kit: Chad Homan

Performance Bodies “Nosed Out”: Demetrios Drellos

Precise Racing Products “Pedal Down” Hard Charger: Breyton Santee (+9)

Sunoco Fuel Card Winners: Chad Sines ($100), Cody Dawson ($100), Kassandra Norman ($50), David Parker ($50), David Pangrazio ($50), Breyton Santee ($50)

TBM Brakes “Tough Brake of the Night”: Joe Martin


FK Rod Ends “Shock the Clock” Flight A Qualifying (Track record 15.655 by Max Blair 6/10/18) ($100 for fast time): 1. 555-Brock Pinkerous, 00:16.748[12]; 2. 10S-Joe Martin, 00:16.789[18]; 3. 29J-Jason Genco, 00:16.826[10]; 4. 18-Mike Wonderling, 00:16.883[9]; 5. 36-Cody Dawson, 00:16.944[15]; 6. 12B-Andy Boozel, 00:16.985[14]; 7. 9S-Breyton Santee, 00:16.997[2]; 8. 21J-Jim Rasey, 00:17.142[5]; 9. 111D-Demetrios Drellos, 00:17.343[4]; 10. 14-Brandt Graham, 00:17.376[8]; 11. 25-Matt Sipes, 00:17.378[7]; 12. 4C-Shane Crotty, 00:17.413[3]; 13. 5G-Scott Gurdak, 00:17.507[13]; 14. Y26-Gary Youngs, 00:17.805[19]; 15. 17J-Mason Jaquay, 00:18.065[1]; 16. 112-Jacob Peterson, 00:18.203[16]; 17. 6N-Kassandra Norman, 00:18.818[17]; 18. 23GB-Steve Blodgett, 00:19.615[11]; 19. (DQ) 26-Kurt Stebbins (light at scales).


FK Rod Ends “Shock the Clock” Flight B Qualifying (Track record 15.655 by Max Blair 6/10/18): 1. 91-Chad Homan, 00:16.782[7]; 2. 136-David Pangrazio, 00:16.924[10]; 3. 3J-Jeremy Wonderling, 00:16.968[9]; 4. 1*-Chub Frank, 00:17.033[17]; 5. 15-Chad Sines, 00:17.096[18]; 6. 2-David Parker, 00:17.098[8]; 7. 21*-Billy Henry, 00:17.245[6]; 8. 99*-Logan Jaquay, 00:17.312[16]; 9. 51-Austin Hauser, 00:17.372[13]; 10. 11A-Ashton Briggs, 00:17.398[1]; 11. 01W-Khole Wanzer, 00:17.405[2]; 12. 36B-Colby Beighey, 00:17.430[3]; 13. 17X-Andy Michael, 00:17.604[4]; 14. 98-Craig Graham, 00:17.662[15]; 15. 19-Albert Bull, 00:17.769[14]; 16. 33Z-Steve Houser, 00:17.963[5]; 17. 15C-Charles Houser, 00:19.878[12]; 18. (DQ) 25M-Marc Berzowski (light at scales).


FK Rod Ends Heat 1 (8 laps, $25 to-win, top 5 transfer to A): 1. 555-Brock Pinkerous[1]; 2. 29J-Jason Genco[2]; 3. 36-Cody Dawson[3]; 4. 5G-Scott Gurdak[7]; 5. 9S-Breyton Santee[4]; 6. 26-Kurt Stebbins[10]; 7. 25-Matt Sipes[6]; 8. 111D-Demetrios Drellos[5]; 9. 6N-Kassandra Norman[9]; 10. 17J-Mason Jaquay[8].


FK Rod Ends Heat 2 (8 laps, $25 to-win, top 5 transfer to A): 1. 18-Mike Wonderling[2]; 2. 10S-Joe Martin[1]; 3. 12B-Andy Boozel[3]; 4. 4C-Shane Crotty[6]; 5. 14-Brandt Graham[5]; 6. Y26-Gary Youngs[7]; 7. 21J-Jim Rasey[4]; 8. 112-Jacob Peterson[8]; 9. 23GB-Steve Blodgett[9].


FK Rod Ends Heat 3 (8 laps, $25 to-win, top 5 transfer to A): 1. 3J-Jeremy Wonderling[2]; 2. 91-Chad Homan[1]; 3. 21*-Billy Henry[4]; 4. 15-Chad Sines[3]; 5. 17X-Andy Michael[7]; 6. 01W-Khole Wanzer[6]; 7. 19-Albert Bull[8]; 8. 51-Austin Hauser[5]. DNS: 15C-Charles Houser.


FK Rod Ends Heat 4 (8 laps, $25 to-win, top 5 transfer to A): 1. 136-David Pangrazio[1]; 2. 1*-Chub Frank[2]; 3. 99*-Logan Jaquay[4]; 4. 36B-Colby Beighey[6]; 5. 11A-Ashton Briggs[5]; 6. 98-Craig Graham[7]; 7. 2-David Parker[3]. DNS: 33Z-Steve Houser, 25M-Marc Berzowski.


Last Chance B Main 1 (8 laps, top 2 transfer to the A): 1. 26-Kurt Stebbins[1]; 2. 25-Matt Sipes[3]; 3. 111D-Demetrios Drellos[5]; 4. 21J-Jim Rasey[4]; 5. Y26-Gary Youngs[2]; 6. 112-Jacob Peterson[6]; 7. 6N-Kassandra Norman[7]; 8. 17J-Mason Jaquay[9]; 9. 23GB-Steve Blodgett[8].


Last Chance B Main 2 (8 laps, top 2 transfer to the A): 1. 01W-Khole Wanzer[1]; 2. 98-Craig Graham[2]; 3. 33Z-Steve Houser[6]; 4. 25M-Marc Berzowski[8]; 5. 19-Albert Bull[3]. DNS: 2-David Parker, 15C-Charles Houser, 51-Austin Hauser.


Sunoco Dash (6 laps, $100 Sunoco fuel card to-win): 1. 3J-Jeremy Wonderling[1]; 2. 136-David Pangrazio[4]; 3. 10S-Joe Martin[2]; 4. 1*-Chub Frank[5]; 5. 18-Mike Wonderling[6]; 6. 555-Brock Pinkerous[3]; 7. 29J-Jason Genco[7]; 8. 91-Chad Homan[8].


The RUSH Racing Series is brought to you by Hovis Auto & Truck Supply together with Born2Run Lubricants along with the support of Hoosier Tire, Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet, Sunoco Race Fuels, Bazell Race Fuels, Insinger Performance, Flynn's Tire, Sunbelt Rentals, MSD Performance, Holley Performance Products, FK Rod Ends, Schoenfeld Headers, Jones Racing Products, TBM Brakes, Bilstein Shocks, Performance Bodies & Parts, Racing Electronics, Wieland Metal Services, Frankland Racing Supply, Landrum Performance Spring, Ontime Body & Graphic, Sherwood Wheels, Precise Racing Products, Velocita-USA, Wedge Motorsports, 3C Graphix, D&V Jewelers, CrateInsider.com, and Terry Bowser Excavating.  


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